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1. What is the coffee shop?

Caffeine is one of the important factors affecting the quality of coffee beans when finished. But for many reasons, many farmers have grown coffee for a long time and have not done it properly.

The first requirement for the collection of coffee is to pick the right noodles. To have high quality coffee must have ripe red or ripe fruit, not picking green fruit, not to ripe fruit or dry on the tree. If there are any of these, we need to separate.

In harvested products, the number of ripened or ripened fruits must account for at least 95%, except for the last harvest which may be lower.

Each cup of coffee is made from ripe coffee beans will bring the flavor of each region, mixed between bitter taste, sweet and sweet after.

In contrast, coffee cups made from coffee mixed with too much green fruit will lead to the quality of water is bitter, green coffee, the quality of coffee is reduced markedly.

2. Roasted coffee, why?

During the subsidy period, when the economy of our country is more difficult, ensuring enough food for clothes is a problem. Therefore, enjoying coffee is a luxury. However, the need to enjoy instant coffee is a hard habit of many people. From that demand, the sources of cheap coffee are born and grow out of control.

To make cheap coffee, corn, roasted fire roasted soy is used as filler, the secret – mangosteen shell is added to create bitterness; butter, aroma helps to “popcorn” smell of coffee; caramel helps the water phase becomes black and dense look very attractive. Over time, “flavored coffee, marinated flavored” was accidentally become the “gu” of the Vietnamese, was attached to the name “Vietnamese style cafe” or “cafe to Vietnamese”.

But that kind of coffee brings a great impact on the health of coffee drinkers.

Starting from the demand for clean coffee and improving the quality of traditional coffee in Vietnam, roasted coffee becomes one of the products that many coffee connoisseurs seek and seek.

Coffee roasted coffee is roasted from 100% coffee, not impregnated any additives or raw materials, do not mix corn, soy …

Roasting will retain the pure flavors of coffee, creating a light brown color for coffee. In addition, roasted coffee will be different by posters, sweet and fragrant fragrance but will stay for a long time.

Do you know the additives or burning popcorn that causes some cancers? The use of natural coffee roasting (no additive additives, popcorn burning …) help you limit the body is forced to absorb toxic substances. In addition, carrots contain a lot of natural health ingredients such as antioxidants, weight loss, cardiovascular disease, diabetes prevention, cancer prevention.

In Phin Xanh, we combine the coffee that is picked by Huong and Rang Dong. We are committed to providing high quality products that bring both health and spiritual value to each cup of coffee you enjoy.